Serger Thread Cone Storage Bin

So…I decided to organize my thread cones. This is what I came up with.

What I Like About This Design:

  1. Protects thread from dust & lint
  2. Stackable, storable, portable
  3. Cheap
  4. Keeps spools easily accessible/viewable
  5. Bobbins and skinny spools nest inside the serger cones — pick up the upside-down cone and everything comes with, no hunting for that cone’s mates

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Measure the height of the thread spools
  2. Buy a suitable plastic box from Family Dollar for $5 (see photo above for dimensions)
  3. Raid husband’s workshop for materials: 1 piece of scrap wood + 20 of the longest nails I could scrounge up…which were 3.5″ long
  4. Measure the interior bottom of the plastic box
  5. Cut the wood to fit using a saw. I used a circular saw, but a hand saw, table saw, miter saw, or even a reciprocating saw would also work. Really, just about any saw.
  6. Figure out the spacing and draw a grid on the wood — this step took me an absurd amount of math, time, and thought. My squares are 2-7/16″ on each side.
  7. Test-put wood in plastic box and enough spools on the grid to confirm spacing/fit is as desired
  8. Drill a hole of the same diameter as the nails at each “cross”. I used a handheld drill + a drill guide (to keep the holes perpendicular to the surface).
  9. Use sandpaper to knock off any rough edges, paint or otherwise finish as desired (optional)
  10. Insert a nail into each hole using fingers — no hammer or blunt force required
  11. Put the nailed wood into plastic bin



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