DIY micro SD card holder organizer

So…this is my make-at-home-with-things-I-have solution to portable, microSD card organization.

Tools: Scissors, Xacto knife

Materials: Foam packaging material, altoids tin (or ziplock baggie or other container), a sticker label (optional), nail polish (optional)

I prolly should’ve taken some photos along the way, though it’s really not complicated to make. I started with a small sheet of foam packaging material that came in a cheap cell phone case. The same pool noodle-esque stuff comes packaged with lots of other products like laptops, accessories for electronic gadgets, etc. I used the Xacto knife to make slits in one side, putting microSD cards in along the way to test fit, and eyeballing the knife movements in comparison to the in-place microSD cards. Tip: Cut each slit slightly smaller than you think will fit — you can always cut a slit bigger, but you can’t cut a slit smaller!

After cutting 5 slits on one side and inserting 5 microSD cards, I used scissors and cut the foam piece down (keeping in mind I wanted to store another 5 on the other side). My piece ended up being about 3 inches x 1.4 inches. Then I did the slits the same way on the other side, slapped a sticker on it and called it done.

The cards are friction fit in the foam slits and don’t come out when shaken with gravity acting against them. This isn’t quite durable/safe enough to carry around on it’s own…enter, the Altoids can. Which will come in handy anyway for card adapters and other small sundries. (The micro SD card organizer would also stash well in some wallets, a business card holder, or a small pocket in a laptop bag.)

Oh, and the nail polish was for the edge of each micro SD card.



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