Cheap Sheets & Oil Changes

So, we get in bed last night and…

Husband: Are these new sheets?
Me: Yup.
Husband: They feel like sandpaper.
Me: Think of them as sheets that exfoliate as you sleep.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to go cheap. These were supposedly 400 TC sheets. Oh well. Live and learn. Maybe they’ll get softer.

On a more-positive-and-completely-unrelated cheap note, oil changes. My car takes full synthetic oil. My husband’s car takes full synthetic oil.  He usually pays $70-90 for a full synthetic oil change.

It took me awhile to realize that most oil change places will do oil changes with customer-provided supplies. Now that I do, I go that route all the time. They tend to charge $15-30 for an oil change where I give them the oil and the filter, and they still do all the little vehicle maintenance inspections that come packaged with an oil change. The only oil change place that’s turned me down so far is Firestone. Sears, TreadQuarters, and the dealership all let me bring my own supplies.

I go to Walmart, pay $23.88 for a 5-qt jug of Mobil One 0W-20 (which is enough for about 1.5 oil changes, with my car) and $8.97 for an oil filter. And Mobil One is the premium stuff, the good stuff, not some off-brand.

So, everything included, I end up paying about $45 per oil change — a savings of $25-45 over what my husband pays. (I know I can save more by doing my own oil changes, but I don’t like getting dirty. The most car work I’ll do myself is replace fuses, windshield wiper blades, battery, the engine air filter, and the cabin air filter.)

That’s a dinner out, just for picking up my own oil change supplies while I’m at the store. Now if I could just get hubby to do the same…


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