I’m a 32 year old Asian American with a husband and 8 chickens. I’m not an extreme cheapskate (that’s my parents), just a more or less average person. I’m a cheapskate in the sense that I try to save a buck where I can. That doesn’t mean that I don’t splurge and buy expensive things, I definitely do — it means that I cut back in areas that are not important to me or areas that I don’t feel particularly impact my quality of life.

My cutbacks range from scoring great deals to around-the-house tricks to amateur DIY, sometimes a combination of them. I like dabbling in sewing and crafts (though I’m not either fast or great at it).┬áMy forays into arts & crafts tend to be driven by the almighty dollar, not by a desire to create something unique or beautiful.

This blog is dedicated to my cheapskate triumphs, and I hope it will inspire others in our excessive, expensive, American culture to do similarly.

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